June 1, 2018

Summer Art Challenge 2018

What do art teachers love to hear more than anything?

"Kids are drawing ALL THE TIME!!!"

The summer is a great time for students to practice drawing or do whatever art that they love to do. At school, we learn techniques, skills, and content so that some day (hopefully soon) students can apply those artistic skills and habits to creating their own art works independently.

"Down time" in the summer is the best time to create art, when your brain is relaxed and you are open to ideas. There is no pressure and no time limit.

How about some drawing and art challenges for when your family is home or away?
There is one posted on my Art Class web page, or grab a sketchbook or paper and any 2-D media and try some of these:

Check local venues for age-appropriate art camps or courses:

If I'm not working on illustrations or graphic designs, I love to just grab some acrylic and canvas and paint the scenes of summer, like this:

© Kristine Daniels 2017
(See more of my portfolios here: http://kristinedaniels.net)

So,  make an art teacher happy and encourage young people you know to put down the devices and go old school with some art, indoors or out!

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