June 17, 2017

Summer's for Art Students!

Summer is the best time for kids to keep busy with art projects and classes! I started art lessons at about age 9. It was fun, I met other kids who loved art, and it kept me motivated to learn more and keep doing art for the rest of my life. 

Here are some learning opportunities in Southcoast, MA. There always seem to be more available for very young kids, but I have found some for tweens and teens, too. The cost of a class is usually pretty reasonable considering most are several hours long and include supplies. 

• The New Bedford Art Museum/ArtWorks! host art classes year-round but their summer program, Cool Arts Kids!, is always a hit. These classes are taught by artists and are held in the museum. Mom or dad can drop off the kids and grab a coffee or shop downtown. It’s a great way to try out classes: if your young artists like the summer classes, you may want to sign up for some during the school year.

I’d recommend these classes for 14 and up:

These classes are for ages 10-13:

• Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School in Rochester's Summer Discovery program is for kids in grades 3-8 and has a STEAM focus, with sports, arts and crafts, and more... https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2017-old-colony-summer-discovery-for-students-entering-grades-5-8-tickets-32272804828?aff=efbneb

• Friends Academy in Dartmouth has a summer camp that covers ALL the arts, as well as sports, science, foreign languages, culinary classes, and more. There are many choices of time frames, and topics are a la carte. 

• The Lakeville Center has lots of cool themed classes, and 2 age groups to choose from.
http://www.thelakevillecenter.com/camp  (2 age groups: ages 5-8 & ages 8-12)

• The Children’s Lab in Mattapoisett caters to the younger set, but they do offer a drawing class for older kids this summer.

• If you have an advanced teen artist in your life, consider looking into classes at UMASS Dartmouth or BCC. A mature, experienced older student may be accepted with permission of the instructor and even get college credit for these classes. Have a portfolio of drawings or letter of recommendation from your child’s teacher ready.

• Finally, you can create art experiences right at home! For a small investment, a sketchbook and pencil or even other basic supplies kept handy are a great way to encourage a young artist  of any age to create at a moment’s notice or during a few minutes of cool down time on a hot day. These items can be easily brought along on a vacation to record the sights around you. Likewise, a digital camera or iPad can give kids some photo ops— ask them to really try to capture their experience and the interesting things they see vs. selfies. They could also create art later based on these photos— grown up artists do that all the time!

So, make some time for art this summer and enjoy your vacation!!

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