October 27, 2015

Wrap It Up: My Favorite Art Videos Under 5 Minutes

Need a fun and engaging art class wrap-up? Maybe you ended up with a few extra minutes at the end of a lesson (Really! It might happen!) and you don’t want to waste that valuable time?

Short videos about art a great way to summarize or inspire. 
Here are a few of my favorites that my students love, too!

Ant Hill Casting

Ballad of Red and Green

The Mummification Process 

(My former FMS student)
Zachary Meunier Live Aerosol Painting

Urban Calligraphy- Skyfall

Gyoyaku by Naori

The Louvre in 2 Minutes 

Baby Heads Installation (MFA Boston)

How It’s Made: Art Supplies and More

Find more videos on my web page www.kristinedaniels.net and Pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.com/kristinedaniels/art-class-videos/

Remember, always pre-screen videos to make sure they are appropriate for your students! 

Do you have any videos to recommend? Comment & share!

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