October 3, 2015

Awesome Videos for Art Class

Whether as an introduction or wrap-up to a unit, or for a good use of extra free minutes, there are some great videos out there to enhance your art curriculum!

How to Choose:
I look for shorter videos (10 minutes and under) if possible, but I do use a few that are longer. I screen all of them, mostly for content, but also to make sure they are interesting and visually appealing. Look, if I’m bored, my kids are going to be sawing zzzz's in no time. Don't waste class time with an entire video that only has a few minutes of content that applies to your unit. You can always edit the video or just skip over segments that are not needed. 

How to Use:
Just having the kids watch a video is okay, but you can make that time a more valuable part of the learning process with a few easy additions to your lesson. Supplemental worksheets to complete as they watch keep the kids on their toes and ensure they really get the important points. Sometimes I have students write down vocabulary words from the video, or describe the art that they have seen. These short writing activities incorporate Common Core ELA standards as well if you are required to do so. “Think-Pair-Share” is also a great choice of activity to follow a video viewing to make sure students understood the content.

My Top Picks:
Here are a few of my top art video pics! Find more on my art room web page (on each grade level’s page as well as on “Free Time Online”) and on my Pinterest boards.

• Mummification Process by the Getty Museum- The graphics are amazing! Social studies and science teachers, this one would work for you, too!

• Ballad of Red and Green- My younger students struggle with remembering the complementary colors. This doo-wop style puppet video cracked me up and they liked it, too—entertaining and memorable! 

• PBS’ Craft in America: Holidays- I use a 20-minute segment on the art of Mexican-American holiday traditions for world art and cultures with grade 7, but the rest of the video covers other cultures as well. It is PBS-quality (excellent) and it holds my students’ attention.

• Gyotaku by Naoki- A 2 minute video demonstrating the art form and process of fish printing. 

• Urban Calligraphy: Skyfall- My grade 8 students LOVE this video. Total silence for 3 and a half minutes. 

• Wanderlust: Saying Goodbye to Italy- This web series follows 2 young women as they tour Europe. In this episode, they visit a mask maker’s shop in Venice. I use this for a unit on mask making, but stand-alone, it’s a fun peek into the studio of a working artist. 

• Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum- Sounds crazy, but you and your students will not be able to look away.  

• Icheon Master Hand from the American Museum of Ceramic Art- Simply one of the most beautiful short films documenting an art process I have ever seen, from the music to the cinematography. If you’re having a crazy full-moon kind of day, this video will calm students with it’s meditative quality.  

What are some of your favorite videos for the art room? Comment or email me with your top picks!!

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