September 12, 2015

Keep it Up: My Secret Weapon for Hanging Posters!

My secret to hanging posters or anything on paper:
Scotch 3M Wall Mount Tabs!

Wall Mounts are not easy to find, and pricey compared to other products, but TOTALLY WORTH IT! You can literally hang stuff for YEARS with these. There is absolutely no damage, to the wall or to the item*. I have lots of cinderblock in my classroom as many of you out there do, and this is the only thing I use.

If you are in a very hot climate, I recommend hanging on a cool day. Once the item adheres, it will stay forever, even in make-up-melting hot temperatures later on. Make sure the surface is dry. If you cleaned a surface before hanging with a cleaning product, wipe it down with plain water and dry it off before using wall mounts. The only time it hasn’t worked for me is on surfaces that have cleaning product residue.

Don’t cheap out on how many you use. If you want something to stay for a long time, especially if it is a heavier poster paper or laminated, do the entire perimeter with a mount every 4 to 6 inches. Add some in the center as well. I put all the tabs on the poster, then remove the wall side paper when I’m ready to hang (I even get these ready months ahead and just leave the wall size paper on). Press, press, and press some more. Then it’s all set!

Disclaimer: I do not advertise or work for 3M, but if 3M would like to pay me or throw me some stock options, I would definitely consider it!! I’ve never met a 3M product that wasn’t superior to every other brand.

*You know that “sticky tack” everyone says is so great-- DON’T EVER USE IT, especially on anything you care about. The oils in that putty will soak through your art or posters, and there is no way to get it completely off. You can’t put goo-melting solution on paper, and on some items that product will leave an oily stain as well. Plus, the sticky tack melts in hot weather, and that is even messier to contend with when your stuff falls down. 

Where to buy:

How to use:

These tabs are small enough to use on most items. 
Peel one side of a tab and put it on the poster.
I recommend one every 4-6 inches, especially if the item is a heavy paper.
Smaller items can use less.
Peel off the other side when all the tabs are in place and you're ready to hang. 
PRESS on the areas where the tabs are for a few seconds...
....and TA-DA!!!
This still will stay put for a long, long time!

Update on my last post about my new Easy Shot Stapler: It is easy to load and use, but it does take heavier duty staples than a regular stapler, no way around it. Even the lightest weight staples for this product will leave big holes in your papers and you have really work to get them back out of a bulletin board. I’m using it for stuff that doesn’t need to be changed too often, and obviously it is great for anything that would require a staple gun because it is the easiest one on my hands that I’ve tried. Also, warning: It’s VERY loud as I found out when I was trying to quietly hang things in the hall. 

Happy decorating, everyone!!

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